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Welcome to our company!

Expedite Systems LLC is a provider of custom information technology systems, specializing in Microsoft technologies. We also provide one of the top apps for the Bigcommerce ecommerce platform that automatically notifies customers when a product is back in stock, InStockNotify.

Mike Germain Founder

Bigcommerce App

Our Bigcommerce app is a must have for your ecommerce store! Customers signup when a product is out of stock and we notify them when it's back in stock.

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Bigcommerce API

We specialize in creating custom solutions to help your company integrate your existing systems with the Bigcommerce ecommerce platform.


We are experts in using the latest Microsoft development tools such as .NET web development and SQL Server databases.


“This app saves me so much time and our custotmers are quickly alerted when products are back in stock”

Rebecca USA